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Midwest Dental Assembly

Grand Wayne Convenion Center 120 W Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN

The Indiana Dental Association’s Midwest Dental Assembly 2022, held jointly with the IUSD Alumni Dental Conference and Indiana Dental Assistants Association, will take place IN-PERSON at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in...

IKDDS Executive Committee Mtg

Meeting is via zoom. Participates should reach out to organizer for link. IKDDS Executive Committee: Dr. Yash Singh, Dr. Rob Chenoweth, Dr. Matt Kolkman, Dr. Joseph Platt, Dr. Doug Jansen,...

IKDDS Board Strategy Meeting

Start Fort Wayne/Atrium 111 W. BERRY STREET SUITE 211, Fort Wayne, IN

For 2022 Board Members & YDC Chair Review of 2021 Goals for 2022-2023 Committee Assignments


YDC Leadership Team

Tooth Acres Dentistry 4109 Lahmeyer Rd, Fort Wayne, IN

YDC Leadership Team Meeting: Meet second Wednesday of the new quarter at 6:00 pm at Tooth Acres. Quarters will be June, September, December and March. 2022-2023 YDC Leadership Team: Brendan...

IKDEF Officers Meeting

Pediatric Dental Associates 7750 W Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN

Meeting is for Isaac Knapp Dental Education Foundation Officers IKDEF Officers: Dr. Jason Glassley, Dr. Andrew Hobbs, Dr. Alyssa Fisher, and Jamee Lock

IKDDS Communications Committee

Tooth Acres Dentistry 4109 Lahmeyer Rd, Fort Wayne, IN

Regular Meeting of the Communications Committee: Dr. Tyler Kimmel, Dr. Alyssa Fisher, Dr. Phil Ruckman, III, Dr. Jake  Yager, and Jamee Lock

Optimal Oral Health for Hoosiers With Disabilities

IUFW 2101 E Coliseum Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN

Free Training for Dental Workforce Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your capability to provide quality dental care to patients with disabilities? The summer, the Center for Health...

JA Job Spark Volunteer Meeting

Isaac Knapp Dental Education Foundation is a booth sponsor for the November 8th/9th JA Job Spark Event at the J Kruse Education Center in Auburn. While we will need volunteers...


IKDDS Membership Committee Mtg

Endodontic Associates 9970 Dupont Circle Drive East, Fort Wayne, IN

Regular Meeting of the IKDDS Membership Committee Committee Chair: Dr. Joseph Platt Committee Members: Dr. Emily Johnson, Dr. Anna Marr, Dr. Bryan Marr, Dr. Jill Torkeo, & Dr. Yash Singh


IKDDS Board Meeting

Parkview Mirro Center 10622 Parkview Plaza Dr, Fort Wayne, IN

Regular Meeting of the Isaac Knapp Board of Directors: Yash Singh (President), Matt Kolkman, Joseph Platt, Doug Jansen, Rob Chenoweth, Ben Yoder, Brian Hoagburg, Kreg Terry, Ryan Zimmerman, Ryan Hart,...