About Us

Our Mission

Empowering dentists of Northeast Indiana to serve the community with excellence and compassion.

Where we serve

The Isaac Knapp District Dental Society is one of 13 dental districts in Indiana. We’re proud to serve the 10 counties that comprise Northeastern Indiana:

  • Adams
  • Allen
  • DeKalb
  • Huntington
  • Jay
  • LaGrange
  • Noble
  • Steuben
  • Wells
  • Whitley

Our Core Values


Friendly and professional relationships are what make this society great!


Community is only authentic when a network of people are built on trust and have each other’s best interests in mind.


No matter where anyone is in their career, doing the right thing even when no one is watching is mandatory.


We have a deep commitment to continued learning as well as the collaborative sharing of knowledge and experience.


We always make sure we are working together toward a common mission to serve our region well.


We are at our best when we are relying on science, reliable data, and research when making decisions and assisting one another.

Oral & Systemic Health

A commitment to a bigger picture of health and wellness that takes into account the whole person and the whole body is how we accomplish our mission.

Our Affiliates & Partners

From foundations to committees to community groups, IKDDS has partnered with organizations all over the district to further our mission of serving Northeast Indiana with excellence.


Our Leadership

Dr. Joseph Platt


Dr. Doug Jansen


Dr. Claire Hemphill


Dr. Jill Torkeo


Dr. Matt Kolkman

Immediate Past President

Dr. Benjamin Yoder


Mrs. Jamee Lock

Executive Director

Dr. Brian Hoagburg

Board Member

Dr. Kimbra Druley

Board Member

Dr. Emily Johnson

Board Member

Dr. Jonthan Hale

Board Member

Dr. Ashley Gabrek Knapke

Board Member

Dr. Waseem Taraji

Board Member

Dr. Elisa Salazar

Board Member

Dr. Kate Welch

Board Member

Dr. Jake Yager

Board Member