Our committees keep us going

Being part of a committee is one of the best ways to get involved with IKDDS. Each one has a vital role to play in keeping our community up-to-date, healthy, and moving forward.

Professional Development & Planning

Enhances the professional development of our members and their dental teams through continuing education, networking, and event programming.

Young Dentist

Creates programming and continuing education for young dentists in IKDDS in their first 10 years of practice, encouraging them to engage with their colleagues and become involved in the society.

Dental Public Health

Provides awareness of improving the oral health of the residents of Northeast Indiana.


Recruits and retains new members


Keeps members and the public informed of issues affecting dentistry and health.

Peer Review

Mediates patient-dentist disputes in confidentiality and in accordance with the guidelines of the IDA.

Governmental Affairs

Makes IKDDS the region’s most influential voice on oral health public policy issues.


Prepares a proposed budget for the upcoming year and presents it to the membership annually for acceptance.

Constitution & Bylaws

Keeps the organizing documents of the society aligned with the needs of the members.


Recruits members for IKDDS leadership positions and develops future association leaders at the local, state, and national levels.

Special committees formed as needed

Interested in joining a committee?