Represent your peers.

Serve as a delegate

Another way to represent your peers and have an impact on the profession of dentistry is to become a delegate to the Indiana House of Delegates, which is held annually at the Midwest Dental Assembly. As the legislative and governing body, the House of Delegates is the supreme authority in the Indiana Dental Association. As such, it speaks for the more than 2,800 members of the Association and for the dental profession in Indiana.

IKDDS elects 7 members annually to serve a two-year term. Interested in being a delegate? Contact us to learn more!

2022 Delegates


  • Dr. Todd Briscoe
  • Dr. Ben Clinkenbeard
  • Dr. Caroline Derrow
  • Dr. Matt Kolkman
  • Dr. Joseph Platt
  • Dr. Wayne Walker
  • Dr. Tyler Kimmel


  • Dr. Connie Shim-Middleton
  • Dr. Adam Everhart
  • Dr. Doug Jansen
  • Dr. Steven Ellinwood
  • Dr. Phil Ruckman
  • Dr. Jill Torkeo
  • Dr. Ashley Gabrek